Run for Red Tab SF is back. Join us on April 22nd!

Walk or run 5K, 10K, or 10 miles at Levi’s Presidio 10 on Sunday, April 22ndand your LS&Co. community will cheer you on! Following the race, celebrate with breakfast and drinks with views of the Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field.

Registration is FREE for employees and 10% off for LS&Co. friends and family.

You can double your impact by fundraising individually or as a team – event registration is not required. Start fundraising now, the competition is fierce!

Employee registrants also have the chance to earn LiveWellth points and participate in a LS&Co. Presidio 10 Training & Fitness Program provided by Bay Club.

John Booker
Racing for Red Tab in Singapore

Last month, more than 100 LS&Co. colleagues, friends, and family members participated in the Race for Red Tab in Singapore. The race is all about raising awareness — and funds — for the Red Tab Foundation. This year’s event involved teams competing in a 2-hour challenging adventure race. As you can see by the pictures, racers were up for the challenge!

Well, the results are in, and the team raised a whopping $36,900 — the most ever raised for Race for Red Tab event. Singapore employees showed their support with more than 83 percent making a donation. If you like to support the event, there’s still time! To make a contribution, click here.

So what drove such a stellar fundraising effort? It might be the intense competition among teams representing each regional cluster. Teams inspired each other and elevated the way we relate to our company.  The website saw a flurry of donations just before the race in a bid to be the top fundraising team. There were also a series of fundraising activities in the weeks leading up to the race, including a customized Trucker event and ecommerce sample sales.

When it came to race day, competition was intense, with the ASEA team being awarded overall champions. The top individual fundraiser was the Regional Head of Security, raising $6,289 from 60 donors. What an effort!

We have been blown away by the generosity of colleagues across the region and the globe, as well as friends and families of the racers. Thank you to all of our fundraisers for spreading the word and asking for donations, and a big thanks to everyone who made a donation to Race for Red Tab.

It’s our collective compassion and shared values that will positively impact our employees and retirees. This is how we help each other.

John Booker
A Steadfast Helping Hand

We call it a safety net — a place to turn if you face an unexpected financial crisis. In the past few weeks, many in our LS&Co. community have found themselves literally in the eye of the storm. Our stores in HoustonFlorida and Mumbaiwere closed for multiple days, and several of our colleagues faced immediate and direct damages to their homes.

The Red Tab Foundation (RTF) — funded by employee donations — has been on the front lines supporting our colleagues and helping to alleviate the impact of these storms. So far, RTF has funded hotel stays for employees whose homes were flooded, made sure that rent and utilities were paid for to compensate for unexpected storm-related expenses, and replenished food supplies after lack of power and refrigeration.

The help that RTF is able to provide following the tumult of a disaster goes a long way. “Red Tab has been an incredible resource,” said District Manager Steve Nelson. “When RTF helped out so quickly with support, the response was disbelief.”

But what sets RTF apart is that we’re in it for the long haul. RTF will continue to provide support long after the immediate needs of the disaster have passed. This includes stepping in to cover costs that insurance won’t — car repairs and cleaning, replacement of household goods and clothing — in addition to repairing and rebuilding homes.

Our colleagues across the globe have been spreading the word about RTF to those in need, but if you know anyone who still needs help, please tell them to reach out via email or call 1-800-544-5498.

The reason RTF is able to provide this lifeline of support is all thanks to donors like you. Support for Red Tab has been steadily climbing in recent years. Today, nearly 50 percent of our employees contribute to RTF. And though donations have increased, so has employee need. This year we expect to receive 35 percent more grant requests from employees than three years ago. The need and the mission of RTF has never been more relevant.

We are especially proud of our ability and dedication to providing continuous care, but we can’t do it without each and every one of you. You can donate to RTF through payroll deduction or any number of options that will be highlighted via the annual RTF giving campaign that kicks off in a few weeks. In the meantime, know that RTF is stepping up and helping our friends and colleagues around the world who are facing real challenges behind the headlines.

John Booker
Grantee Spotlight: Kendi

Kendi F., Store Manager – Troutdale, Oregon


One morning, after flying home from the Field Leadership Conference, retail store manager Kendi experienced an unusual onset of nausea and dizziness. After months of ongoing symptoms, multiple doctor’s visits, and seemingly endless tests, she was directed to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Kendi was diagnosed with Acute Bilateral Meniere’s disease, which causes recurrent episodes of extreme vertigo — each lasting 20 minutes to 12 hours –, confusion, and hearing loss. After several ineffective treatments and with her symptoms worsening, Kendi was given a more extreme option: surgery coupled with a device to equalize the fluid and pressure in the inner ear. The device alone cost close to $4,000 and because of the rarity of the disease, insurance would not cover the costs. Without the financial means to obtain the treatment, Kendi’s quality of life continued to suffer.

Then, a fellow colleague who was familiar with Kendi’s situation contacted Red Tab on her behalf. A case manager reached out to Kendi, helped her complete an application, and secured the financial support she needed to restore her health.

Now, not only is Kendi a past grantee, but she is an advocate for the Red Tab Foundation:

“The Red Tab has given me back quality of life! I signed up for a monthly contribution as well as donating at the register and encourage everyone to give what they can. It could change your life one day!”

With the Red Tab Foundation’s help, Kendi is back to serving customers and leading her team.

Know someone who needs assistance? Contact us here.

Want to support our work? Donate now!

John Booker