Our Mission

About Red Tab

At the Red Tab Foundation we believe that no Levi Strauss & Co. employee or retiree should be without a financial safety net. Every day we alleviate worry and provide critical aid to coworkers and colleagues who are suffering through unexpected emergencies. Without us, every year almost 1000 individuals and their families would be at risk of not meeting the basic necessities of life. We also provide education and proactive programs to help individuals maintain their financial health.

Our work is funded by the generosity of employees and retirees worldwide, descendants of Levi Strauss and other company shareholders. Although we receive some help from Levi Strauss & Co., as a non-profit the Red Tab Foundation is primarily supported by donations from individuals.

Imagine having to make choices between buying medicine or putting food on the table. Right now there are members of our community who are forced to make difficult choices like this as the result of a crisis.  This is why people like you are so important. 

Your contributions help us alleviate worry and provide hope.


Our Founder

Jerry O’Shea joined Levi Strauss & Co. in 1939 as a stock boy. He retired in 1981 at the level of Vice President of Corporate Marketing, after 42 years with the company.  As his tenure at LS&Co. concluded, Jerry was mindful of the thousands of manufacturing employees who had also devoted their careers to LS&Co. He understood that if an emergency came up, many had no financial cushion. These men and women had made it possible for Jerry to succeed and, ultimately, to give back.

Inspired by the company’s history of philanthropy — dating back to Levi Strauss himself — Jerry and his wife Claire established the Red Tab Foundation. Other executives made contributions of support.  They agreed that a foundation started by employees, for employees, was not only a logical extension of the values inherent to Levi Strauss & Co., but also an essential contribution to the community.


Annual Reports

Meet the Team


Board Members

Peter E. Haas Jr.
Board President

Jim Chriss
Board Vice President
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Dan Wenzel
Chief Financial Officer
LS&Co. VP, Global Tax and Risk Management

Jim Ansel
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Roy Bagattini
LS&Co. EVP & President, LSA

Susan Brennan
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Molly Buckley
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Tom Fanoe
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Richard Gomes
Senior Director, Retail Communications & Training

Jeff Harlowe
Retired LS&Co. Executive

Kelly McGinnis
LS&Co. SVP & Chief Communications Officer

Liz O'Neill
LS&Co. EVP & President, Product, Innovation & Supply Chain

Jen Sey
LS&Co. SVP & Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth Wood
LS&Co. SVP & Chief HR Officer


Kim Almeida
Director, Worker Wellbeing, Levi Strauss Foundation

Kathy Farmer  
LS&Co. Senior Director, Benefits

David Jedrzejek
LS&Co. Chief Counsel, Finance, Governance and Compliance

Cate McCarthy 
Regional Director, LSA Retail



John Booker

Jenny Calvert Rodriguez

Bryce Kumagai
Global Programs Manager

Angelica Liu
Salesforce & Finance Administrator

Fiona Tam


Case Managers

Lavinia Crawford-Browne
South Africa

Teddy Dworakowski

Emily Karakas
United States

Jesus Ramirez
United States


“Thank you so very much for helping us. I received the check today to catch up the house payments. Without your help we would have lost our home. The Red Tab Foundation is a lifesaver.”

LS&Co. Retiree, USA