The Red Tab Savers Programa free, online savings tool that rewards you for saving every month.


How It Works

Red Tab Savers is a Red Tab Foundation program designed to help hourly LS&Co. employees build a habit of savings and equip them with a short term emergency fund. The program is a partnership between RTF and our non-profit partner, EARN.

Participating is simple – link your savings account to our online platform, deposit at least $10 a month for 6 months, and the Red Tab Foundation will match your savings up to $240. If you save all six months, you get a $20 bonus! That means you could have $500 at the end of the six months.


Already a Red Tab Saver?

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Sign up using your email address and securely connect your savings account.

Next, we'll email you to verify your income and then you're all set!

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After 6 months we give you your earned money, a maximum of $260. No gimmicks.

Our goal is to get you on a path towards financial security. It's that simple.

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Each month, deposit at least $10 and we'll match you $1 for $1, up to $40 per month.

Earn an extra $20 if you make deposits for all 6 months.


Our Colleague Daniella

Location: San Ysidro, CA

“[Red Tab Savers] gave me the support and the tools that I needed to save money. I was feeling happy that I was able to save money - something I thought I could never do before.”

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