Grantee Spotlight: Kendi

Kendi F., Store Manager – Troutdale, Oregon


One morning, after flying home from the Field Leadership Conference, retail store manager Kendi experienced an unusual onset of nausea and dizziness. After months of ongoing symptoms, multiple doctor’s visits, and seemingly endless tests, she was directed to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Kendi was diagnosed with Acute Bilateral Meniere’s disease, which causes recurrent episodes of extreme vertigo — each lasting 20 minutes to 12 hours –, confusion, and hearing loss. After several ineffective treatments and with her symptoms worsening, Kendi was given a more extreme option: surgery coupled with a device to equalize the fluid and pressure in the inner ear. The device alone cost close to $4,000 and because of the rarity of the disease, insurance would not cover the costs. Without the financial means to obtain the treatment, Kendi’s quality of life continued to suffer.

Then, a fellow colleague who was familiar with Kendi’s situation contacted Red Tab on her behalf. A case manager reached out to Kendi, helped her complete an application, and secured the financial support she needed to restore her health.

Now, not only is Kendi a past grantee, but she is an advocate for the Red Tab Foundation:

“The Red Tab has given me back quality of life! I signed up for a monthly contribution as well as donating at the register and encourage everyone to give what they can. It could change your life one day!”

With the Red Tab Foundation’s help, Kendi is back to serving customers and leading her team.

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John Booker