Pamela Joni - RTF Grantee, Epping, South Africa

Pamela Joni - RTF Grantee, Epping, South Africa

RTF South Africa - Immersion Trip 2019


During a four-day immersion trip, participants will see LS&Co.’s values come to life and why RTF is such a critical resource for our employees at Epping and around the world. Employees will see how employee initiatives, like Project WET and Community Day, can be brought to life in local contexts by LS&Co. employee ambassadors on the ground. Upon your return, you will  be empowered to be change agents in your community, becoming leaders and advocates for our programs.

Program Details:

  • Where: Cape Town and Epping, South Africa 

  • When: May 13-16, 2019

  • Who: Up to five employees (including one leader) with two or more years of service (including retail store managers)


We’re looking for global employees who are committed to RTF and community work. Qualified applicants must:

  • Have demonstrated commitment to RTF’s mission (through donations and/or volunteerism)

  • Shown commitment to volunteer work outside of professional requirements

  • Have consistently high performance ratings

  • Been with LS&Co. for at least two years upon time of entry

  • Be willing to communicate and engage with employees about RTF and community programs after the experience for at least one year

  • Have manager’s written support

  • Be flexible, have sense of adventure and able to work outside of their comfort zone

How to Apply:

To be qualified for entry, please complete the following by March 17 (EXTENDED):

  1. Make a donation to the Red Tab Foundation ($50.01 minimum donation)

  2. Complete a brief application that includes the following:

    o   A 30 second video or written statement on your understanding of RTF’s core values and what RTF means to you (video highly preferred)

    o   A list of engagement with RTF and other community and volunteering initiatives during your tenure with LS&Co.

  3. Send an email showing your direct manager’s support of your application to using the following language:

    o   “I endorse _____ to participate in the RTF Incentive Trip to South Africa .  I understand that, if selected, he/she will be unable to complete his/her normal work duties while in South Africa (May 13 – 16, 2019).”

Key Dates:

·       February 11: RTF employee giving campaign kicks off and applications open

·       March 17: Submission deadline for all employees

·       March 19: Finalists notified

·       March 25: Campaign wrap up and announcement of trip participants